Employment Solicitors

Employment law is a diverse area covering everything from redundancy, discrimination, and breach of contract. Employment solicitors are tasked with safeguarding professionals and protecting their employment rights. There are new developments and alterations to the employment law, but it is meant to protect your rights at the workplace. Situations can arise that lead to non-compliance with the law, and the reasons can be brought to question. In such cases, it can be frustrating and time-consuming for employees, and that’s where employment solicitors come in handy. Employment solicitors Melbourne will handle any employment situation like negotiating, settlement, ensuring a satisfactory outcome for employees.

Areas employment solicitors specialise:

Unfair dismissals

If an employer terminates a contract of employment without following the due process, or without a valid reason, it is termed as unfair dismissal. An employee, in such cases, is entitled to compensation. An employment solicitor will help you receive the compensation you deserve.

Discrimination at the workplace

Various types of discrimination exist in the workplace, which may include direct discrimination. Direct discrimination involves receiving less favourable treatment because of personal characteristics. Indirect discrimination happens when an organisation acts in a way that affects persons with particular traits. Indirect discrimination also occurs when harassment occurs to the victim assisting those discriminated by the system. In such scenarios, an employment solicitor plays a crucial role in ensuring victimised employees gets justice for the troubles they are going through.


Redundancy is dismissal at the workplace when the whole business closes down or closes down a particular workplace or when the company needs fewer people to have the work done than before making other people redundant. When an employee is unnecessary, there are laws that employers should follow in laying off. More often than not, employers dismiss redundant employees without following the due process. When that happens, unfairly dismissed employees may claim compensation for unfair dismissal and other claims.

Settlement agreement

It is a legal contract between employer and employee. It is a binding contract created when you have a complaint against your employer or when the employer has issues against you, and they want to settle a problem before you pursue a claim or take the case further. In such cases, you might be asked to sign an agreement, but it would be better to seek an employment solicitor’s advice before signing any settlement agreement.

Change of contract terms

During the employment period, there is a contract both of you signed and agreed to. If there is any change to be effected, it should be agreed upon by both parties. If the employer forces these changes on employees, it becomes a breach of contract. An employee can pursue legal action against the employer for breach of contract and with the help of an employment solicitor for optimum benefits.

Disciplinary & grievance hearing

When disciplinary actions taken against an employee are unfair, they are given a chance to defend themselves through a disciplinary process. For a better outcome of a disciplinary hearing, an employee needs the guidance of an employment solicitor. And if the issues are unresolved, there is an opportunity to appeal further.


Retirement is withdrawing from active working life, and there is no legal age for retirement. An employer cannot force you to retire at a certain age unless with physical or mental disability. An employee forced to retire can take legal actions against the employer.